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Badge Sizes

Choose the badge size to suit your style!

All of the buttons made by Button Brat are available in two sizes, 25mm (1") and 32mm (1.25"). Simply choose your preferred size when adding the button to your cart.

We also stock products by other designers who may manufacture their buttons in different sizes - their designs are usually only available in one size. If a size option is not listed on an individual product page it is not available. 

Know your size!

Please take a moment to understand our buttons sizes so you know what you are ordering.

25mm = 2.5cm / 1.00 inch / small

32mm = 3.2cm / 1.25 inch / small-ish

45mm = 4.5cm / 1.75 inch / medium

55mm = 5.5cm / 2.25 inch / large